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Freelancers: Is your career path same, same but different?

A recent study conducted by Assistant Professor Ming D. Leung from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business reveals that freelancers have the best chance of securing more work if they follow an incremental career path rather than take on exactly the … Continue reading

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Multiple Job Offers – What Do I Do?

Having more than one job offer may seem like a job seekers dream come true but what if you can’t decide which position to go for? In an ideal world, we look for work when the time is right, our … Continue reading

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Are you a super-connector or super-taker? How to be ‘real’ on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the main network that us professional folks use to make contacts with people we think will benefit us. We use LinkedIn to connect with people of influence, we use it to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in our … Continue reading

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Psychometric Testing – Is It Measuring Madness?

Psychometric testing is used primarily by recruiters as a very broad brush approach to measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. The results are then used to assess the candidate’s employment suitability and company-candidate fit. These tests are widely used … Continue reading

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Career SOS: I hate my job but have no idea what I want to do!

Let’s face it, making decisions about your career is never easy and it can be one of the most important decisions you make in your life, alongside choosing a long term partner and buying a house. When I left school … Continue reading

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Career Change: How I went from behind the bar to cleaning mine equipment earning a $100K salary

For many 17 year olds like me growing up in Townsville, the first job you landed after you left school was either an apprenticeship (preferably with the Defence Force) or a job working in hospitality or retail. When I left … Continue reading

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Careers: Personal Trainer – It’s more than just being eye candy!

When we of think of personal trainers, celebrity trainer Commando Steve (Steve Willis) instantly pops into my mind (and I’m not the only one!). Sure, he’s paid very well to look fabulous but there’s more to the job that just … Continue reading

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