Is being the ‘stand out’ candidate more than just good resume writing?

It certainly is. The stand out candidate in any job application isn’t just the person who ticks all the boxes and sounds fabulous on paper. It’s the person who can offer more than the standard candidate. They are the ones who outshine everyone else with the right skills, the right qualities, inner confidence and most importantly – the right attitude.

job confidence


Employers are looking for someone who can project a professional image for the organisation. You will be the face of the business in every interaction you have with members of the public, clients and internal staff so they’ll be looking for people who are well groomed, polite and approachable. This also goes for your resume and cover letter. Make sure all of your job application documents are neat, readable and free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you nail these simple requirements, then you’re well on your way to making a great first impression.


Having a well written resume is essential in the initial screening stages. You can kiss the job goodbye if you have failed to fix up any spelling mistakes because the employer or hiring manager will see this as a lack of attention to detail. If you miss these small things in your own application, they’ll think you’ll probably make the same mistakes in the job. It’s a risk they probably wouldn’t take. I’m not saying that you need to use a professional resume writer to create the documents; I’m just saying that it’s a good idea to get a friend or colleague to read over everything for you before you submit the resume for the job. It’s very easy to miss little mistakes so get some fresh eyes to have a good read through everything for you. It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback from these same people.


Successful worker are confident workers. No-one wants to employ a person who second guesses themselves all the time and who struggles to communicate positively with their co-workers. Show your confidence in the interview by maintaining good eye contact and demonstrating enthusiasm when you respond to questions. Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments but don’t go overboard on self-promotion. Concisely describe and offer examples of your talents and achievements.


Being versatile is one of the key attributes of a stand-out job candidate. If you’re willing to take on anything thrown at you by the boss, you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunities to grow in the organisation. The employer will be looking for people who are multi-skilled and are willing to take on other roles if team members are absent or sick. The more versatile you are and willing to learn new skills, the more valuable you’ll be as an employee.

So when you’re applying for a job, put yourself in the recruiter’s/hiring manager’s shoes. Would you be the stand out candidate?


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