Top 5 Creepy, Disgusting and Disturbing Jobs – Would You Have The Nerve?

In the true spirit of Halloween, I’ve compiled a list of what I think could be the top 5 creepy, disgusting and disturbing jobs of all time. If you’re looking for a more unusual job that most of us would consider a horror movie, then one of these 5 creepy and disturbing professions could be just what you’ve been looking for . . .

Forensic entomologist

Forensic Entomologist

There may be other jobs that deal with death, blood or insects, but few combine all three like Forensic Entomology – and none manage to do it in such a creepy way. Forensic Entomologists are called upon to determine the post mortem interval or “time since death” in homicide investigations.  More specifically, the Forensic Entomologist estimates a portion of the post mortem interval based on the age of the insect present. As anyone who has been around a dead body or fainted at the sight of blood can attest, it’s not easy to spend a workday carving up cadavers without being creeped out. If you add maggots gestating inside a person’s organs into the mix, then you’ve got a recipe for the No. 1 creepiest job in this list.

sewer worker-121

Sewerage Workers/Sewerage Divers

Even though Sewerage Workers deal with matters outside the body, they still come into contact with the worst the human body has to offer. Sewer workers clean the bowels of the city to keep our waste out of the streets and to keep our water clean. After we’ve done our business in the bathroom, all we have to do is flush our waste goodbye, and we’ll never have to see it again. But this isn’t the case for the people who take care of our sewer systems. Their job entails walking and sometimes crawling through sewer tunnels to inspect for cracks, clogs and other problems. As if wading through human excrement didn’t sound bad enough, some workers are also sewage divers. As you probably guessed, they have to go all out to swim through sewage to clean out clogs. In addition to the excrement, smell, and creepy crawly bugs and rats, sewer workers sometimes come across dead bodies, both animal and human.


CTS Decontamination Technician (Crime Scene Clean Up)

If you’re familiar with the TV show CSI, then you’ll know that these are the people who mop up gruesome crime scenes once the police investigation is complete. Certainly not a job for anyone who fears blood and dead bodies. During training, you’re taught how to clean up potentially hazardous waste materials or bodily fluids, such as cerebrospinal (brain-spine) fluid, amniotic fluid, organs, organ tissue, blood and semen or vaginal secretions. To be successful in this job, it helps that you don’t mind working in claustrophobic environments.


Pharmaceutical Trial Subject (human guinea pig)

This career is a bit controversial, because many of the people who participate in clinical trials for a living have to do so in secret. Drug companies want to try out their inventions on clean subjects to avoid skewing test results, so professional Pharmaceutical Trial Subjects have to be careful to avoid getting caught. Despite this, many people carve out lucrative professions as human guinea pigs, enduring injections, blood draws, dangerous side effects and the risk of permanent injury or even death on a regular basis. Afraid of needles? Imagine having to get shots and give blood every day.

Messy Hotel Bed

Hotel Maid

You’re probably surprised that this job made its way to our list but I thought it was worth a mention. This job involves cleaning up after the living but it can be no less disgusting than the role of a CTS Decon Technician. Guests at a hotel know they won’t need to clean up after themselves so they often do the best they can to make the room disgusting for the cleaning staff. Some guests soil the bed linen so badly that all the sheets have to be disposed of in a biohazard bag. Thinking twice about a career as a Hotel Maid now?



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