Job Seekers: How To Cook Up The Best Job Application

Preparing your job application is no different to cooking up a dish on a reality TV show. It’s all about creating the best application possible with the skills you have. Like all budding chefs, we all begin with the best of creative intentions but what results is usually an application drained of colour, flavour and originality. Just like on the cooking shows, your application will be heavily scrutinised and the poor performers will be dismissed. So how do you avoid creating a mediocre, production line application?



Think like a chef and prepare well ahead of time. Read the recipe (or job application) carefully, select your ingredients (or key skills specific for the role) and then decide on how your will best present your dish (or job application).

Pick the right ingredients

Think about which flavours (or skills) will be the most important for your dish (or job application), making sure you don’t make things too complicated. You can’t go wrong with being fresh and simple.

Dare to be different

Don’t be afraid to add some extra spice and garnish because it’s the dish (or job application) that packs a punch and looks the part who gets noticed. You’ve all watched MasterChef – being pedestrian doesn’t get you very far.

Aim to be the fancy Welsh rarebit instead of the plain old regular Kraft cheese on toast!


About Bronwen Kaspers

Recruitment Consultant - Big Data and Digital for 33Talent in Sydney
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