How to give your resume a facelift . . . even if you hate resume writing

Let’s face it, when you think about writing your resume, it’s not something most of us get excited about but it’s one of the most important marketing tools you will need for your job search. Without a good resume, you won’t get noticed as a suitable candidate, which also means you won’t get the job offer.

So, what makes resume writing so hard?

It’s simply the fact that you probably don’t really know what to write or understand how a recruiter or employer uses this information to decide if you’re a suitable candidate. It’s not writing about everything you’ve ever done in your career. It’s about research, deciding what information is relevant to each role and promoting yourself as the best person for the job. You can’t afford to be shy anymore because there are so many more people looking for work. We used to be able to get away with resumes that read like a job description which talked about all your skills and training way back from 1982 but now it’s all about marketing yourself and standing out.

resume facelift

How can I be the stand-out?

Good question. A stand-out is a person who leaps out and is highly noticeable. Does your resume say that about you? If it doesn’t, then you need to do something about it, and quickly. Using a lacklustre resume isn’t doing you any favours and if you haven’t been getting any calls for an interview then this can only mean that your resume isn’t working for you. It’s working against you. So, to be the stand-out, you need to do some research before you even start re-writing your resume. Find out the skills and requirements for the roles you are interested in as this is what a recruiter or employer will expect to find on your resume. You will also need to tailor your resume to each role. Yes, you heard me correctly. You can’t get away with using the same resume each time without tweaking it for the role. You have to think about being the stand-out. Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself and takes time and perseverance.

Is there an alternative to a traditional resume when you look for work?

Yes there is. Trumpet Page is a new online platform that I’ve developed for Australian job seekers, contractors and freelancers that gives you built-in writing support and tips from recruiters to ensure you are the stand-out candidate every time. It’s an easy way to promote yourself for work and a great way to build your online presence. Trumpet Page is a bold move away from a traditional resume which doesn’t really capture your personality or true value that you offer. It’s the ideal resume facelift. Visit for more information. We’re launching soon so sign-up for updates.


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