Are job seekers and employers being cheated with ‘Pay to Play’?

For some time, LinkedIn has been the place to power your career (through connections) and a place for recruiters and employers to source quality candidates. It’s one of the most popular tools used by Australian job seekers, recruiters and employers, but is it really working as a job hunting/recruitment resource? LinkedIn is great for connecting and building your professional network but it was never designed to be the perfect tool for those looking for work and those trying to fill positions.


Pay to play

If you’re a job seeker, you’ll be aware that if you upgrade to a ‘Job Seeker Premium Membership’, your application will be artificially moved to the top of the list as a Featured Applicant when you apply for jobs that the employer has paid for.

If you’re the employer who posted that job, LinkedIn will provide you with the best and most qualified candidates. Would it matter to you if the job seeker had paid to be at the top of your list? What if the more qualified candidates who didn’t pay were pushed further down to the bottom? You may have the perfect candidate sitting way down the list who may not even get noticed.

And this is where the system breaks down. A job seeker pays to manipulate the database and the recruiters and employers pay for a manipulated list of candidates that they must then sort through, connect with, screen and consider for the role. This all takes valuable time and employers pay around $4000 for the privilege. Job seekers keep applying for jobs and employers can’t fill the positions because they can’t find the right people. Sounds like a win-win for LinkedIn.

So, what’s the solution?

Trumpet Page has been developed to fill the gap in the Australian employment landscape. It’s made by Australians for Australian freelancers, contractors, recruiters and employers. It’s the place for job seekers to create, market and share their career story online. For those looking to hire, it’s access to a database full of quality candidates and a more cost-effective and efficient way to find the right person for the job – every time. When job seekers know how to market their skills and unique talents and showcase themselves in the best possible light, you’ll be presented with the best candidates every time. It’s a win-win for the job seeker and a win-win for the person looking to hire.

How is Trumpet Page different to LinkedIn?

We are the only site that gives job seekers built-in writing support and access to targeted job searching tips and advice from industry leaders and Australian recruiters. It’s a unique Australian tool that shows you how to tap into your inner career superstar so that you can get hired more frequently.

Trumpet Page also makes it easier for you to tell your career story. With an interactive visual resume, you can add designer backgrounds, links to portfolios, presentations and videos and be given expert guidance on exactly what you need to write to get yourself and your unique skills noticed.

For employers and recruiters, it’s the place where the ‘right’ candidates come to differentiate themselves from everyone else. A place where you can gain real insight into a candidate’s cultural fit. You can ‘see’ their work, portfolios, review their contributions to forums as well as the more traditional resume information.

We’re launching our site in the next few weeks, so go to to register for updates.


About Bronwen Kaspers

Recruitment Consultant - Big Data and Digital for 33Talent in Sydney
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2 Responses to Are job seekers and employers being cheated with ‘Pay to Play’?

  1. Reblogged this on Roscrea Job Club and commented:
    I really like this piece from Trumpet Page, they make a very good argument against job seekers trying to pimp themselves up on LinkedIn. I can’t wait for your website and I live in Ireland 🙂

  2. trumpetpage says:

    When Trumpet Page comes to Ireland Roscrea Job Club, you’ll be the first to know!

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